Kraku Horse Image
Portfolio History
Since 2000, J. Randall has maintained a steady reputation as the Father of Kraku ™.  The method of creating a sculpture, firing, breaking, glazing and reconstructing it to its original form took time to refine.  A result of his creative journey rewarded him with many opportunities. 

In 2005 J. Randall expanded his portfolio.  His first bronze editions were poured from his original “Kraku” horses.  Since then his emphasis has been bronze and resin sculpture.  He has not forsaken his roots completely, but presently his commissions have evolved around bronze and resin techniques.

J. Randall does not stop here.  His journey continues, always seeking opportunities to explore his creative world.  The photos reflect only a small inventory of work.  Check back again, we plan on changing out new examples frequently.  Some photos show works shot in progress, while others are detailed of finished works.


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Kraku Horse Image